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MOART Velvet Lipstick

R1 sand rose (warm tone life coral beige)R1 sand rose (warm tone life coral beige)
R2 cotton rose (dried cotton rose)R2 cotton rose (dried cotton rose)
R3 dry rose (rose dusty cedar)R3 dry rose (rose dusty cedar)
R4 vintage rose (warm tone brick red)R4 vintage rose (warm tone brick red)
T1 ready to hot (hot red)T1 ready to hot (hot red)
T2 ready to cool (chic bright magenta)T2 ready to cool (chic bright magenta)
T3 ready to play (warm grapefruity orange)T3 ready to play (warm grapefruity orange)
T4 ready to die (daily clear deep red)T4 ready to die (daily clear deep red)
Y1 softly (carrot beige)Y1 softly (carrot beige)
Y2 slowly (chili retro red)Y2 slowly (chili retro red)
Y3 lively (neon tropic coral)Y3 lively (neon tropic coral)
Y4 daintly (soft red)Y4 daintly (soft red)