GOODAL Apple AHA Clearing Toner & Exfoliating Pads

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Smooth new skin texture with Goodal AHA 0.5% Smooth, moisturizing gentle peeling & exfoliating pads while tone skin. Gentle wipe off toner that is light and soothing, mildly exfoliating ot skin,Skin clearing just like surface of apple. Specially targeted for: Acne skin

  • [MANAGE YOUR DEAD SKIN CELLS AND SEE AN INSTANT IMPROVEMENT IN YOUR SKIN TEXTURE AND PORES] Have you ever wondered how you can reach the next level of radiant glow? Look no further, our gentle peeling toner pad will clean up dead skin cells, help fight visible blemishes, reduce the look of pores, and improve the look of skin texture and radiance. Wipe away your skin concerns!

  • [NOW YOU CAN EXFOLIATE DAILY, WITHOUT THE IRRITATIONS] The malic acids from Jonathan Apples and our low dose of AHA (0.5%) not only removes dead skin cells, but also reduces the size of enlarged pores and soothes inflamed skin. The natural AHA properties from the apple extract (10%) allows you to exfoliate daily without irritations!

  • [ALL-IN-ONE TOTAL SOLUTION: FACE AND BODY CARE] Our all-in-one large pads are bigger than generic cotton pads, so they are perfect to be used on your body as well. Our natural and pure cotton pads can be used on sensitive skin! Not to mention that they’re adorably shaped like an apple!

  • [SAFE FORMULA FOR GENTLE PEELING] Our Apple AHA Clearing Toner Pad offers the safest formula by using natural acids derived from real apples and low dosages of AHA to suit all skin types. Our pads are certified as non-irritating and gentle enough for both AM and PM use.

  • [BETTER TOGETHER] See enhanced results by pairing up with other products in our Apple AHA Clearing line. Available on the ‘GOODAL' storefront.

  • Suitable for all skin types

  • Quantity: 70 pads

    Goodal Apple AHA Clearing Toner Pads

    Goodal Apple AHA Clearing Toner Pads





     Noticeable difference: clean complexion, reduced pores and even skin tone

    • Non-irritating and lightweight for sensitive skin
    • Large toner pads for both face and body peeling
    • Use as daily toner (suitable for both AM/PM)
    • Dermatologically tested
    • Mild formula


    Now you can exfoliate daily, without the irritations!

    AHA can be harsh on your skin in large doses, but fear not! We use natural acids derived from real apples, combined with a safe dose of AHA (0.5%) so that you can finally exfoliate daily without the serious baggage of high-dose chemical exfoliants.

    Why Jonathan Apples?

    Our Apple AHA line uses fruit extracts from real Jonathan apples! Did you know they have around 2x the acidity of regular apples? The natural malic acids (AHA) from the fruit is the secret to what makes our products a safe alternative to harsh chemical exfoliants.




    Your solution to correcting blemishes

    Not only does our Apple AHA toner pad exfoliate, it also helps promote skin cell turnover that visibly brightens your skin complexion by revealing the brighter and more radiant layer of skin. This also helps reduce scars from blemishes. They also have great anti-aging benefits by improving fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin tones.

    Multipurpose Beauty Tips

     Use day and night to prep skin for usual routine

    1. Use as a body exfoliator
    2. Use to quick cleanse without water


    Recommend use if

     Your skin is too sensitive for other peeling products

    • You want a daily solution for dull complexion and blemishes
    • You want to reduce your pores and uneven skin texture
    • You want a convenient product for your toning routine





    Instant dead skin cell improvement

    After a single use, our studies show that the level of dead skin cells dropped 19.7%


    • Test Center: OATC Skin Clinical Test Center
    • Test Subjects: 21 female adults
    • Test Date: Dec. 27, 2019
    • Results may vary by individual


    7 different types of instant pore improvements

    After a single use, our studies show impressive results.

     Test Center: OATC Skin Clinical Test Center

    • Test Subjects: 21 female adults
    • Test Date: Dec. 27, 2019
    • Results may vary by individual


    Instant improvement in skin texture (roughness)

    After a single use, our studies show a 5.0% drop in rough skin texture.

     Test Center: OATC Skin Clinical Test Center

    • Test Subjects: 21 female adults
    • Test Date: Dec. 27, 2019
    • Results may vary by individual

    Goodal peeling toner pads exfoliating korean skincare


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