ARIUL Watermelon Hydro Glow Set

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Skin temperature rise causes pores, elasticity, wrinkles and other skin troubles!
Refreshing and moisturizing line that cools the skin with the rich moisture and vitamins of watermelon.

Rising skin temperature is the cause of various skin problems such as pores, elasticity, and wrinkles!
Use watermelon's refreshing and abundant moisture and vitamins to reduce skin temperature and restore tired skin to a healthy state

Rising skin temperature is the cause of various skin problems such as pores, elasticity, and wrinkles! A refreshing moisturizing line that restores tired skin by lowering the skin temperature with the abundant moisture and vitamins of watermelon.

The set contains:

Watermelon Hydro Glow Serum
Watermelon Ice Moisturizing Essence

Moisture gloss serum cools skin heat
and leaves the skin glossy. Patented ingredient (Anti-Sebum P) effects
tightening care for sagging pores
Skin troubles caused by heat, cool down with refreshing moisture, quickly calm the skin,
Ice moisturizing essence that leaves a moist glow,
Contains a patented ingredient (Anti-Sebum P) that tightens and loosens pores
Skin troubles caused by heat, quickly put to sleep with cool moisture cooling
Moisturizing water luminous serum that leaves a moist glow
Containing patented ingredient for tightening sagging pores (Anti-Sebum P)


Watermelon Hydro Glow Cream
watermelon ice cream moisturizing cream

Moisture gloss cream for skin trouble due to heat,
and keep cool moisture for a long time.
3 patented(BL-Fill UP) wrinkle and elastic care ingredients of
hyaluronic acid
Icy moisturizing cream with refreshing moisture particles for skin troubles caused by heat
Contains 3 levels of hyaluronic acid, anti-wrinkle, patented raw material for replenishing skin elasticity (BL-Fill UP)
Keeps skin troubles due to heat and cool moisture for a long time
Capsule containing moisturizing cream
Contains triple hyaluronic acid, patented ingredient for wrinkle and elasticity care (BL-Fill UP)

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