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ISNTREE Clear Skin BHA Toner

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Contains Betaine Salicylate (BHA) to effectively manage blackheads and dead skin cells of troublesome skins. Beta hydroxy acids are lipid/oil soluble, which means they can dissolve in fats and penetrate sebum filled pores much better than AHA’s.
Contains Seaweed Complex to remove excess dead cells from the inner wall of your skin & pores, so you can feel that the excess sebum that was clogged is naturally discharged, making the skin seem smoother and brighter. 
Lots of anti-aging and moisturizing marine plants in here!  Hzikia fusiforme is a brown sea vegetable that grows wild along the rocky shores in Japan, Korea and China. It is rich in minerals ~ calcium, iron, magnesium ~ and helps maintain healthy skin. Ecklonia cava is a brown algae found in the oceans around Korea and Japan. It contains a rich source of phloroglucinols, an antioxidant found in sea plants and is very potent. Codium fragile is a green algae is a moisturizer and antioxidant.  Gelidium cartilagineum (agar agar) is a red algae that is full of minerals ~ calcium, copper, iron, magnesium ~ along with other nutrients. One of the main benefits of seaweed is that it is an anti-inflammatory.
This also has willow bark, which is a natural form of BHA. Natural ingredients such as white willow bark extract, march extract, centella extract, licorice extract and so on are excellent for soothing the skin.
Isntree Clear Skin BHA Toner can help effectively exfoliate your skin to help manage blackheads and dead skin cells for troubled, acne skin. IsnTree Clear Skin BHA toner will result in dead skin/ keratin removal, excessive sebum control, pore cleansing and improving skin tone. 
  • Made with Betaine Salicylate 
  • Exfoliates your skin at ~pH 3.7
  • Contains hydrating, soothing ingredients for very gentle exfoliation 
    How To Use?
    After basic toner, apply adequate amount on skin. Avoid area around eyes and mouth.
    Quantity: 200 ml

    All ISNTREE products are formulated without Paraben, Phenoxyethanol, Artificial and Synthetic Dyes, Artificial Fragrance, Formaldehyde, Imidazolidinyl Urea, Irritant Essential Oils, Mineral Oils, Petrolatum, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Benzophenone, Avobenzone, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Isopropyl Alcohol, Paraffin, Triethanolamine, Chlorphenesin, and Triisopropanolamine that may cause allergic reaction, skin irritation, and skin sensitizing. Isntree does not test on animals, does not use animal byproduct, or animal materials.
    Isntree Clear skin BHA Toner
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