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JUICE TO CLEANSE Vinegar Kombucha Essence

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Smooth and radiant, glass dead-like skin texture perfected by vinegar kombucha. Brighter, more vibrant skin awaits you after using this smoothing essence from clean skincare brand Juice To Cleanse.

95% fermented kombucha - steeped from black tea - rejuvenates dull skin and gently exfoliates to remove dead skin cells from the surface, revealing a brighter, softer complexion. Nature’s remedy, apple cider vinegar, additional help to brighten and smooth while hyaluronic acid delivers moisture deeper. Natural PHA’s (mild acids) from fruits like pineapple and papaya further nourish and additionally exfoliate. Together, these ingredients prep and hydrate the skin to contribute to a healthy, radiant, glow-from-within look.

The pH of 4.5. Suitable for all skin types. The formula is free of artificial fragrances, colors, alcohol.

Use this moisturizing essence for instant hydration and mild exfoliation.

Smooth and radiant, glass dead-like skin texture perfected by vinegar kombucha.

Step 1 - After washing the face, fully soak a cotton pad with an appropriate amount.

Step 2 - In the morning and at night, gently apply on the face and neck in the direction of the skin texture.

Step 3 - Or, dispense an appropriate amount into your palm and gently apply on the face in a tapping motion.


First step of healthy skincare, cleansing

Reconsider your daily facial cleansing habit if you have flaky skin and noticeable skin blemishes. Squeaky clean or excessive facial cleansing may make your skin drier or may keep your skin problems from going away. We want to provide healthy skin cleansing for today's modern people's skin, which keeps getting more and more sensitive due to particulate matter, stress, and dryness.

The key to healthy skin is strengthening the skin while effectively removing accumulated impurities from skin.

The skincare for bright and clean skin starts with the first step, healthy cleansing.

"Juice To Cleanse" for a daily first-step, natural and clean beauty.

For All Type Skin

Quantity: 150ml

jUICE TO CLEANSE Vinegar Kombucha Essene 20ml
JUICE TO CLEANSE Vinegar Kombucha Essence
JUICE TO CLEANSE Vinegar Kombucha Essence
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