La'dor Hair Repair Kit

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Product Info
VOLUME: 150ml
Clinic base effect: Helps deep cleanse hair and increases the absorption rate of clinic product.
▶ Forms clinic base: Scalp, hair deep cleansing
Before deep cleansing and using clinic, Makes hair clinic base when using protein shampoo,
increasing the absorption rate of treatment or hair ampoule further.
▶ Silk protein + collagen protein + Vegetable protein:
 'Contains 3 types of protein’ Fills up protein that left the hair damaged by dyeing or perm.
▶ Forms silk coating film
Contains hydrolysed silk ingredient which forms a silk coating film on hair.
▶ Contains 8 types of natural vegetable oil (sheen + softness)
Jojoba oil, avocado oil, baobab tree, eucalyptus, argan oil, lavender flower, castor oil, camellia.

Wet your hair enough with lukewarm water, pump the product 2-3 times, 
apply the adequate amount on hair to make bubbles as if you are massaging your hair softly, 
and wash it off cleanly with lukewarm water.


 VOLUME : 30ml
Polypeptide is applied on hair to make the damaged part firm.
▶ Combines into damaged hair for nutrient supply
Attaches to hair that lost protein to make the weak combination firm.
▶ Forms artificial cuticle
Contains hydrolysed keratin similar to hair protein to form artificial protein.
▶ Protects hair during all types of procedure
Prevents hair damage from chemical procedures such as dyeing or perm.
▶ Hair gloss effect
Absorbed on hair to give natural hair gloss.
▶ Prevents hair entanglement
Absorbed onto hair keratin, making hair firm and soft and preventing its entanglement.
1. Can be used before all hair procedures (before dyeing, perm, and hair manicure) Spray it all over your hair
before a procedure, quickly brush your hair with a thick brush, dry it 80% (the hair is coated and hardened stiffly),
and apply the product without washing it off. 
2. During clinic use, spray the product all over your hair after shampooing, quickly brush your hair with a thick brush,
dry it 80% (the hair is coated and hardened stiffly), and apply a clinic product such as ampoule
or treatment without washing it off.


 VOLUME : 13ml
collagen + keratin + ceramide + silk protein ingredient supplies powerful nutrients to damaged hair.
▶ Supplies highly-enriched protein
Supplies fresh protein and nutrients to hair.
▶ Contains 3 powerful ingredients consisting hair nutrient
Contains 3 main hair elements: ‘keratin + collagen + amino acid'.
▶ Self-heating system
Quickly absorbs nutrients by ‘self-heating’ of highly-enriched 
ampoule that turns into cream when mixed with cold water.
▶ Hair nutrient locking system
Maintains nutrients absorbed in hair for a long time
through hair locking system Maintains for 7 days when used once.
▶TIP. Prevents damage and protects hair when applied by mixing with dyeing or perm agent.

1. It turns into cream when mixed with water. Apply the cream on hair, leave it alone naturally for 3-10 minutes, and then wash it off.


  VOLUME:  150ml (tube type)
LPP protein care that fills from inside hair with low-molecule polypeptide treatment.
▶ Slightly acid treatment of pH 4.5
Neutralize alkalized cuticle layer by chemical procedure such as perm and dyeing with slightly acidic treatment.
▶ Free of 5
Ethanol, paraben, surfactant, silicon oil, tar color.
▶ Forms silk coating film + moisture + nutrient + elasticity
Contains hydrolysed silk ingredient which forms a silk coating film on hair.
▶ LPP Ultra-fine protein
Fills nutrients from inside ahir with ultra-fine protein
LPP ingredient to make hair soft and nutrient-rich through clinic hair treatment.

1. During daily Use: After shampooing, take an adequate amount, spread it on hair while massaging, and wash it off. 
2. During special care use: After shampooing, take an adequate amount,
spread it on hair,wear a vinyl cap, apply heat treatment on the hair for 10-15 minutes, and wash it off.
How to use the entire kit?
1) Use acid balanced shampoo before treatment to control hair PH that is alkalized by perm and dye
2) After shampooing, remove 90% of water from the hair and spray the PPT evenly on the hair. 
   100% dry after spraying
3) Mix the "perfect filler" and "cold water" 1: 1 and apply the filler that changed into lotion type to the 
    hair and leave for 5 minutes (hand massage onto the hair and hair root)
4) Apply LLP treatment evenly 
   ( In case of heat treatment - leave 5 minutes after heat treatment, 5 minutes after natural leaving or 
    15 minutes after leaving in natural condition) - Last rinsing
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