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LADOR Hair Keratin Power Glue 15g X 2pcs

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Korean brand La'dor Keratin Power Glue serum for split ends of hair includes hydrolyzed collagen, hydrolyzed keratin, moringa oil, snail mucin.

Keratin is the protein that makes up the hair structure. It forms the top layer, protecting cells from damage. 

When applied to curls, natural keratin is embedded in damaged areas of hair. Keratin is the basis of hair and its presence in the hair provides smoothness, a healthy structure and the shine and smoothness of hair that we love so much. 

The product contains 80% hydrolyzed collagen. Collagen envelops the hair, creating a protective film and preserving the natural moisture of the hair.

Moringa oil, which, thanks to its revitalizing properties, was used in ancient Ayurveda treatments for hair care, contains high levels of oleic acid, antioxidants and vitamins that help restore split ends and care for hair. 

Snail mucin is a unique natural regenerator. Mucin as part of express care moisturizes hair, protects them from moisture loss, restores damaged areas of hair.

The combined ingredients care acts on the hair as a temporary glue, holding the ends together under the action of hot styling with a hairdryer or ironing.

How To Use ?
apply to the washed and towel-dried hair (especially on the dry or damaged ends of the hair), comb with a comb with rare teeth, and lay the hair with a hairdryer if needed..

Quantity: 2 tubes of  15g each = 30g

Lador Hair Keratin Power Gluelador keratin power glue

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