ROM&ND Zero Velvet Tint - 17 Shades

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01 Melting01 Melting
02 Joyful02 Joyful
03 Persired03 Persired
04 Burnt Heart04 Burnt Heart
05 Witty05 Witty
06 Deepsoul06 Deepsoul
07 Fizz07 Fizz
08 Icy08 Icy
09 Polar09 Polar
10 Fever10 Fever
11 Flare11 Flare
12 Anne Shirley12 Anne Shirley
13 Berry Cake13 Berry Cake
14 Pecan Tarte14 Pecan Tarte
15 Rusk Rusk15 Rusk Rusk
16 Burny Nude16 Burny Nude
17 Toasty Nude17 Toasty Nude
Product Info
ROM&ND Zero Velvet Tint
Matte and velvety finish with light and airy texture
A wide range of MLBB colors for all skin tones
#Bludging_Tint = Blurring + Smudging


#01 Melting: Toned down coral shade
#02 Joyful: MLBB red stone wall shade
#03 Persired: Well-ripened persimmon red
#04 Burnt Heart: Unique heart pink
#05 Witty: Orange brown shade
#06 Deepsoul: Deep red brown
#07 Fizz: Cherry coke red
#08 Icy: Grape slushie Pink
#09 Polar: Sweet muhly pink
#10 Fever: Daily complexion coral
#11 Flare: Festival red
#12 Anne Shirley: Crisp orange red
#13 Berry Cake: Bright strawberry red
#14 Pecan Tarte: Baked rosy brown shade
#15 Rusk Rusk: Orange brown with a hint of red
#16 Burny Nude: Nude pink
#17 Toasty Nude: Sandy nude shade with a hint of orange
  1. Using the tip to apply gently from the inside part of your lips.
  2. Apply a desirable amount on your lips.
  3. Let it smudge at the edge of the lips for smudging look.
Quantity: 5.5g
Made in Korea
romand zero velvet tint

romand zero velvet tint
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