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Know why K-beauty is awesome!

Considered to be the skincare superior option and a decade ahead of others offering oh-so-cute packaging designs, future tech formulae, non-mainstream effective ingredients – Korean Beauty, or K-Beauty as it’s known, is ruling the beauty world today, with offering clever products and a can-do approach to innovation, In nutshell, K-beauty is killing ‘it’ and here we will tell you why?

Korean Skin care & Make-up items are truly effective & unique because of the following reasons :



1. Republic of Korea gets sharp competition in their own country, with more than 80 different renowned beauty-brands of South Korea itself, as well as other Global brands who have come and established their market in Korea as well, hence, they have to keep doing R&D for bettering their products/ brand to remain in the business. **which is why, Korean brands were the first to innovate beauty products such as BB Cream, best for travel or touch-ups: Make-up Cushions, Face Mask-sheets and Patches for different body parts. Their ideas & innovation has also been adapted by many other brands across the world.

2. Korean beauty products generally have cute packaging .Also, their fun-application is pure-pleasure and gratifying, of course besides providing high-quality natural ingredients at affordable rates, such as Jeju Volcanic clay, Green tea, Snail-mucin, Berries, Licorice, Honey, Ginseng, Tomato, Charcoal etc. In fact in some of Korean products you can also see the whole ingredient immersed at the bottom of container, For example in – NEOGEN Cranberry Real Fresh Foam Cleanser, WHAMISA Organic Flowers Olive Leaf Mist, **Interesting right?**

3. K-beauty is the only option that offers us with products for all kinds of Skin problems with a targeted solutions… such as – Nose Pore strip/balm to remove Blackheads, Foot-peeling socks & hydrating foot mask for removing Callus, Elbow patch to mend rough/blackened area, Baking soda face scrub, double-lid eye tape for monolids, Firming Breast-pack , Face-emulsions, Overnight sleep-masks for glow & hydration…etc.

4. K-beauty is said to offer good product-quantity in one single purchase and packaging, that is value for your money. If you check their original price with the offered quantity, they are pretty affordable..

5. Korean skin care is certainly half a decade advanced in terms of manufacturing products to target particular skin condition or problem area, creative packaging, fun-application, unique ingredients & their effective cocktail as well as their careful formulation…when compared to the brands from the Western counterpart.

The expensive, oriental and some best of K-beauty comes from the AmorePacific Corp. , ‘House of LG’ (Yes, Korean ‘LG care’ is into various beauty brands as well, other than Electronics, Technology and more.)
 For all beauty-enthusiasts, if you want affordable and effective skin care products, K-beauty is another cool innovation from the East.

K-beauty is the real ‘Skin-care-tainment’..


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